Musical instruments that I make are not exact copies of early instruments but their form and design are corresponding to a certain age.

When making lutes, viols da gamba and violins I use drawing of early instruments.
Others, such as harps, fiddles, rebecs, five-string viols are made according to iconography, sculptural images of musical instruments of XII-XV centuries.

While making the instruments, sometimes I incorporate my own improvements in order to make them pleasant and easy to play for a modern musician.

It is always important for me to have personal contact with people I make instruments for. I discuss details with a customer and take into consideration his or her special requests. Many years of experience in playing lute and cittern in an ensemble of various instruments have helped me in making stringed instruments, to perfect their acoustic qualities. In crafting my instruments I aim to achieve a good, deep and strong sound that maintains an even tone in all ranges.

Materials I use are traditional: maple (plain, curly, birdseye), fir. Other kinds of wood (plum, walnut, cherry, acacia, boxwood, ebony) are used for making pegs, tailpieces, and finger-board pieces.

I am ready to accept orders. My prices are reasonable.

I would like to especially express my gratitude to professor of Scola Cantorum Basiliensis - Randall Cook for his invaluable support and assistance rendered at the beginning of my coming-to-be a master of musical instruments.

I would also like to thank Peter Benovich (Ausria), Ute Goedecke, Per Mattsson (ensemble "LAUDE NOVELLA", Sweden), Isabel Kraft (doctor of musicology, Germany), Vitali Shestakov (Switzerland) for their evaluation and remarks that were so helpful to the perfecting of my instruments.

And of course, I thank my friends Alexander Batov and Adrey Perkhunkov for they have greatly influenced my interest in the making of early stringed instruments.

Your questions will be answered with pleasure; I would also be glad to receive any information from those who are interested in my instruments.

Please, address to:
Phone.: +38 (03122) 34772
Stepan Tykhonenko
Bercheny str. 105
Ukraine 88000